Bjorn Krols

Freelance full-stack developer


Hello there 馃憢

I am an experienced full-stack developer with a passion for delivering high-quality, scalable and secure solutions.

I am open to working with clients from various industries on both short-term and long-term projects.

Technologies and Tools

These are some of the technologies and tools I have worked with in the past. I am always open to learning new technologies and frameworks.

  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, Java, Lua, Bash
  • Frontend: React, React Native, Expo, Next.js, Vue, Nuxt, Electron, Apollo, Tailwind, HTML5, CSS
  • Backend: Node.js, Express, Koa, tRPC, NestJS, TypeGraphQL, TypeORM, Prisma, Apollo Server, GraphQL, REST
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, DynamoDB, Redis, BigQuery
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Serverless, Terraform, Docker, Firebase, Fly, Render, PlanetScale
  • Data Science: Jupiter, Pandas, NumPy, Plotly, PyTorch.
  • Testing: Jest, Cypress
  • CI/CD: GitHub Actions, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, CircleCI

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer at Lab Box

March 2023 - December 2023 路 10 Months

Lab Box is a start-up studio focusing on the future of mobility, backed by D鈥橧eteren.

  • Stack: TypeScript, Python, Next.js, React, React Native, Expo, Tailwind, tRPC, NestJS, Apollo, GraphQL, Pandas, GitHub Actions.
  • Highlight: I've led a handful of full-stack projects, launched multiple React Native apps on app stores from scratch, and implemented various data and business intelligence pipelines using Python and a range of Big Data tools.
  • Exit reason: The lab and its projects were merged into D鈥橧eteren.

Senior Software Engineer at Shippr

August 2019 - March 2023 路 3 years 8 months

Shippr ( is a logistics marketplace connecting companies and drivers.

  • Stack: TypeScript, React, React Native, Expo, Tailwind, Express, Apollo, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Jest, Cypress, Gitlab CI.
  • Highlight: I set up the e-payment infrastructure for the company from scratch, allowing automatic payments from customers and payouts to drivers.
  • Exit reason: I was looking for a new challenge as I transitioned into freelancing.

Software Engineer at The Studio

February 2018 - June 2019 路 1 year 5 months

A Belfius (Belgian bank) innovation lab.

  • Stack: JavaScript, Vue, Angular.js, Tailwind, Express, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, AWS, Serverless, Cypress, CircleCI
  • Highlight: Led a small team to build a group payment and fundraising platform from scratch.
  • Exit reason: The lab was closed after multiple products failed to reach product-market fit.

Software Engineer at BICS

June 2016 - January 2018 路 1 year 8 months

A Proximus (Belgian telecom company) subsidiary.

  • Stack: Java, JavaScript, JSF, React, Bootstrap, Spring, Oracle, Red Hat, JUnit, Jenkins
  • Highlight: Spearheaded the migration of legacy JSF interfaces to a more modern React-based architecture.
  • Exit reason: Desire to work with a more modern stack.

Script Developer at OSBot

January 2014 - June 2016 路 2 years 6 months

OSBot provides RuneScape automation software.

  • Stack: Java, Swing, MySQL
  • Highlight: Tutored multiple new developers in Java and Swing.
  • Exit reason: Desire to work in a team, instead of working alone.

Personal Projects

In addition to client work, I enjoy exploring new technologies and working on personal projects.

Here are a few examples of side projects that I have worked on:

  • Feedbark (2022 - Present)
    • A product feedback widget for small businesses.
    • Stack: TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind, Prisma, MySQL, Firebase, Fly, PlanetScale, GitHub Actions
  • HTTPHQ (2022 - Present)
    • A real-time tool for capturing and inspecting HTTP requests.
    • Stack: Go, Fiber, GORM, Alpine.js, SQLite, Fly, Cypress, GitHub Actions
  • Technotrampoline (2021 - Present)
  • Botpoison (2021 - Present)
    • An invisible, user-friendly anti-spam solution.
    • Stack: TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind, Koa, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Jest, GitHub Actions
  • Lyticus (2019 - Present)
    • Entry-level web analytics platform.
    • Stack: TypeScript, Vue, Nuxt, Tailwind, Koa, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, AWS, Serverless, Jest, GitHub Actions
  • Handlescout (2018 - 2023)
    • A tool that monitors availability of social media handles.
    • Stack: TypeScript, Vue, Nuxt, Tailwind, Koa, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Jest, GitHub Actions
  • Formspark (2018 - Present)
    • Simple & powerful form solution for developers
    • Stack: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Apollo, GraphQL, Tailwind, Koa, TypeGraphQL, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Jest, GitHub Actions


2011: High School Diploma - Coll猫ge Saint-Guibert, Gembloux, Belgium


  • French: Native proficiency
  • Dutch: Native proficiency
  • English: Full professional proficiency
  • Spanish: Elementary proficiency
  • Portuguese: Elementary proficiency